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Shutterbug Studios provides stunning aerial photography and videography for your real estate listings. Through our deep understanding of the real estate market, we can deliver the highest quality and the most unique aerials in the market. Shutterbug Studios provides scheduling, post production, and a suite of enabling professional services.

Turn around time: 3 business days


Custom Cinematic Aerial Video & Pictures

Starting at $375

Standard 360 Photo

Starting at $175

Aerial 360 photos are the best way to establish a property location. It gives users the ability to have a bird's eye perspective of the location, allowing them to easily explore the surrounding area on desktop or mobile. 23 high resolution images are stitched together to create a 100MP 360 photo that is interactive and immersive.

On a mobile device, a user can interact with the 360 photo by simply moving their device to what they want to look at. This uses the accelerometer that each mobile device has.

An aerial 360 photo can be captured at various altitudes (heights). Lower 360 photos allow one to get a better view of the listing/property, and see more detail, while higher 360s provide a better view of the surrounding area  



Enriched 360 Photo

Starting at $225

A standard 360 photo (see above) AND 5 POIs overlaid. POI graphics have 2 colors that match the broker colors. The POIs must be provided by the agent before the listing is shot, and should also include the proximity descriptor. This can be provided by filling out the form HERE


Crestview Neighborhood Enriched 360 Samples

100 feet

100 feet

300 feet with neighborhood boundary

300 feet with neighborhood boundary

200 feet

200 feet

400 feet with neighborhood boundary

400 feet with neighborhood boundary

Property Outline Boundary

Starting at $25

An aerial 360 Photo can be customized to include a property boundary. This helps clients visualize the property boundary from a bird's eye perspective.

To process this add-on, we must receive a property boundary map. This takes an additional day of post processing.


Editing Makes a Difference!

We don't just shoot and hand over the images.
All aerial photos & 360 Panos are post-processed.



Editing Allows us to Shoot on Bad Weather Days!

With our first class editing we can capture aerial content with ease in most weather conditions, as long as there is no rain, or strong wind! This enables us to capture great content even on bad weather days, saving the headache of weather reschedules. Take a look at this before and after.