Don't Just See a Space, Experience It

iGuide Precision Floor Plan is the Ultimate Real Estate Tool Kit.

iGuide includes 360 photospheres and professionally drafted floor plans with room dimensions and 10,000 point verified, triple-checked, 99.6% accurate square footage. It can also integrate with our aerial 360 products. Plus you get weekly analytics for user visits, duration spent on the floor plan, referring sites, etc.

Sample iGuide


Sample iGuide with Enriched 360 Aerial Pano integration


iGuide can be a standalone site or can be embedded inside a TourFactory property website

The Tools Buyers Want

Learning Tools:

Property Photos
Interactive Property Tour
Floor Plans
Floor Area Calculations
Room Dimensions
Neighborhood Details
Agent Contact Info
iGUIDE Analytics

Planning Tools:

Custom Measurement Tool
Photo Capture Tool
Printable Floor Plans

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sample pdf floor plan with colorized display

Click to open PDF floor plan

Click to open PDF floor plan


Floor Plan VS 3d Showcase

Experience the difference between iGuide and 3D Showcase with a sample of each on the same house below.


iGuide with Enriched 360 Aerial Pano integration


3D Showcase