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Terms and Conditions (accept below)

  • Permission has been attained from the property owner to allow aerial data collection at the listing address specified
  • On the shoot day, I will do my best to ensure no other contractors or conflicting appointments are scheduled
  • The property will be ready for photography on the shoot day. This includes:
    • 'For Sale' sign removed
    • Pool cleaner removed, water features on, outdoor furniture staged
    • Cars/trailers parked in garage or off the street
    • Landscaping and lawn care complete, gardening tools hidden
    • Garbage and recycle bins hidden
  • The property will be photographed as is. A fee will be charged for day off cancellation or non-weather related reschedules.
  • The final product will be delivered within 2-3 business days after mission completion.
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The listing will be ready for aerial photography by...
We will do our best to perform the aerial data capture on or within a day or two of the date below, depending on weather and availability.
We will do our best to arrive in your preferred time window if possible. Our team will communicate the date and approximate time of arrival via text or email the day before the shoot.
Meeting operator on-site?
Aerial photography does not require interior access and is best captured with few people, vehicles on-site. The operator will usually be on-site for under 60 mins and will knock on the front door prior to starting.
Please provide any additional information, such as access information, special instructions, etc.