Specify Points of Interest (POIs) for Your Hangar Aerial Products

Please fill out the following form with the points of interest you would like for your Hangar aerial product.

In order to provide buyers with additional location information, we use POIs (also called callouts) to showcase useful points of interest around a given property. POIs consist of the title, or name, of a point of interest and its proximity to the property.

It is important to know which POIs you want to feature in your 360 photos or videos. We include up to 5 callouts on an enhanced 360 photo purchase. In order to provide the most visually attractive 360 photos, we do limit the amount of additional data that we add to photos, in order to avoid overcrowding.

Location accuracy when filling out the POI portion of the order form is critical as the information you submit will be inserted into your final, edited 360 photos and videos. We recommend using Google Maps or a similar map provider to establish the correct distance from the point of interest to your property.

Example of POI and Proximity in Order Form and Final Product

Order Form:

Final 360 Photo: